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Rise Mixed Martial Arts is founded on traditional martial arts values with a contemporary mindset. A measure of a person’s true character is defined in the way they conduct themselves towards everyone they encounter. Respect, honesty, integrity and the pursuit of self improvement are the values Rise Mixed Martial Arts holds in the highest regard.

Through practice of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Muay Thai Boxing at Rise Mixed Martial Arts, we believe that these values can be developed and further reinforced to permeate through all aspects of our lives.

By taking care of your body, mind and spirit through martial arts, you open yourself to becoming a better version of who you are. Not only do you improve your own life but also the lives of your family and friends. Rise MMA caters to all levels of experience, from beginners who want to simply improve their fitness and skill set, to more experienced martial artists wanting to further build on their current foundations.


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I will grow.

I will evolve.

I will rise!




Rise MMA was born out of the desire to help people find a path to a better life through martial arts.

Rise MMA specialises in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Muay Thai Boxing with the belief that these arts with their challenging nature, provide the perfect environment for developing many positive personal traits such as fortitude, endurance, goal setting, resilience, humility and focus.

Rise MMA is proud of it’s supportive culture where you are welcome to train and pursue your own goals while growing at your own pace. Whether it is for recreation, competition, fitness or for self defence we will help you reach your goals.

Rise MMA’s Phoenix logo represents the concept of rebirth, the pursuit of growth, evolution and recreating yourself for the better.


Cam Rowe

Head Instructor

Cam’s martial arts journey started in 1994 when he began training with BJJ pioneer, John Will. During the past 20 years Cam has trained in Shootfighting (an early street orientated version of MMA), BJJ, Freestyle Wrestling, MMA and Muay Thai having also trained in Brazil, and the United States. His MMA competition record includes a 2 - 0 record with his second fight representing Australia in the US. Cam also qualified to represent the Oceania region in the 2011 ADCC World Championships (the most prestigious No Gi submission wrestling tournament in the world) held in Nottingham, UK. Other titles include state and national BJJ titles and placings.

With over 13 years of coaching experience, Cam (along with long time training partner, Dave Hart) have produced many state, national, pan pacific and world champions. In recent time Cam has also helped as grappling coach to UFC fighter Brian Ebersole in preparation for many of his UFC fights and his win over former UFC champion, Carlos Newton. Dan Kelly who represented Australia on The Ultimate Fighter and currently an active fighter in the UFC has been coached and graded in BJJ under Cam and Dave. Cam has worked extensively on consolidating Dan's grappling game throughout his undefeated MMA record.


Charlie Reeve

Muay Thai Instructor

Charlie began his martial arts journey when he was 10 years old, enjoying his training so much that he quickly moved into competition. Throughout Charlie’s teens he trained in kickboxing until his early 20’s where he found Karate. Moving through the ranks to brown belt he began teaching adults and kids.

Curious about Muay Thai and always wanting to try the art, after his first class he was completely hooked and has never looked back. For Charlie, Muay Thai provides a constant challenge and there is always something new to learn.

Teaching Muay Thai has brought a new dimension with the opportunity to pass on his knowledge gathered over the years. The greatest reward for him is to watch people grow in self confidence and discipline with the training in Muay Thai can bring.

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“Cam Rowe has been a great influence on my grappling game. Upon first meeting him, he was an open book, offering technical advice and strategic insight based on my strengths. This kindness and his expertise led me to enlist his help when I signed with the UFC. He has been a great asset in many of my UFC training camps, and I will continue to seek his influence each and every time I return to Victoria”

Brian Ebersole | UFC Fighter




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Another form of competition orientated Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, this style is practiced without the traditional gi / kimono. No Gi BJJ helps the participant develop the ability of controlling an opponent without the reliance on grabbing the clothing (gi/kimono). With it’s fast paced tempo, No Gi BJJ incorporates very well into Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and is an essential skill set for any MMA fighter to possess. For the grappling enthusiast,

No Gi BJJ also has the added benefit for the self defense minded practitioner wishing to be able to grapple effectively regardless of their opponent’s clothing.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

BJJ is a submission grappling based martial art where weight, leverage and timing are key elements to overcoming size and strength. Brought to Brazil in the early 1900’s from Japan, BJJ has evolved into one of the most dominant martial arts in the world, now recognised as essential for any martial artist wanting a well rounded skill set. Unlike many striking arts, BJJ can be practiced at 100% intensity without injury, allowing you to develop real skills against resisting opponents, achieving real results.

BJJ has been known to be so addictive that another positive outcome from practicing BJJ is the desire to adopt what is known as the ‘BJJ lifestyle’. The BJJ lifestyle usually involves other lifestyle changes such as diet, weight training and other activities to help improve performance on the mat. All of these changes prove to have positive outcomes in the general wellbeing of the student.

Kids BJJ & Muay Thai

(Ages 4-12)

At Rise MMA we focus on making sure you child can face anything by teaching how to deal with a tough situations. We will teach your child how to be confident and assert themselves in the best way possible, arming your child with the tools needed to overcome physical, verbal, and psychological harassment.

Combative Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but with strikes on the ground. For those who love BJJ but want a strong emphasis on the self defence in mind. With sport BJJ becoming ever increasingly popular, it is important to ensure that we can remain safe when we need to use BJJ in a self defence situation. We cover all of the techniques and topics of BJJ but always keeping in mind of whether we can be hit during a fight.

We emphasise staying safe from punches, elbows and other forms of attack. This style of BJJ allows us to be confident that if we need to subdue an attacker, we are well equipped to handle the situation. Sparring includes light palm strikes….just enough to know that you’re able to be hurt. This is a perfect class for those who wish to learn BJJ for self defence or for those who train in BJJ but want to broaden their skill set.

Open Mat & Drilling

Open Mat is time set aside for students to get on the mat together in an unstructured format. This time can be used to work on the bags, do spadework or spar/roll. Open Mat can also be used to practice and further refine learned techniques.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand that incorporates the use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins along with various clinching techniques to form a formidable striking art. The art is known as 'the art of eight limbs' and practitioners are revered for their mental and physical toughness along with their physical conditioning to produce a very efficient full contact fighter.

Syllabus Class

The syllabus class is a great opportunity to ask questions about the techniques in our BJJ syllabus and work on consolidating the fundamentals.

Due to the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu having such a wide selection of techniques, this class focuses purely on the techniques contained in the syllabus. It is a great opportunity to get in extra training and preparation to grade.

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Rise is a great club with great people, so much so my kids now train here too and they love it.

If your looking for club where the coach is active, has a wealth of experience and knows how to communicate and teach this to people of all ages, types and skill levels then you've found the right place.

I came to Rise after an extended break from BJJ due to life and Family commitments. Having trained for a number of years at other clubs and with other coaches I knew what I was looking for in a club and had checked out a few other gyms near where I lived but wasn't happy with what they had to offer. On my first visit to Rise I was impressed and within 60 seconds of watching Cam teach I knew that this was the place for me.

If you're considering doing BJJ you owe it to yourself to come down and check it out, you will not be disappointed.

– Gab Salaris

I’ve been training at Rise since 2017 and the positive changes in my physical and mental health have been dramatic.

I have never been fitter, more confident and happier with myself. The challenges I face in class and competition give me the skills and anti-fragility to take on whatever life throws at me and the friends I’ve made at Rise I would now count as some of my best.

Cam Rowe is a man who leads by example, never letting you settle for anything less than you best yet being able to sense the unique ways to motivate each and everyone one of his committed students. I always feel that Cam and Rise have my back and that feeling of connection and community adds a dimension to my life which brings me so much happiness and joy. I couldn’t joining up at Rise more, it has changed my life.

– Taylor Douglas

Rise MMA’s Phoenix logo represents the concept of rebirth, the pursuit of growth, evolution and recreating yourself for the better.




What is the best class for me to start training in?

This is really up to you. Is kicking and punching more your style? Then we suggest the Muay Thai classes.

Do you prefer to hit the ground and wrestle? Then perhaps you may be more suited to BJJ.

Or perhaps a combination of both is what you’re after, then the Street Smart MMA might be a perfect fit for you.

Either way you can try out each these classes and see what suits you best.

Is the instructor qualified?

Yes, our instructors have completed the highest level government accreditation for martial arts instructors as well as level 2 first aid qualified. Our head instructor, Cam Rowe has been teaching for over 13 years and has taught everyone from absolute beginners to UFC fighters.

How old do I need to be to start?

Our classes range from 5 years of age and up.

Should I get fit before starting?

We always find this question a funny one. No, you will get fit while training, that is one of the great benefits of training in Martial Arts. We are always happy for you to participate at your own pace until your fitness improves. That being said we recommend that you have good general health, and speak with your doctor if you have any concerns.

Should I wait to the start of the month/semester/year to start?

Our classes are designed so that a beginner can start his or her journey at any time.

Will I get hurt?

Like any physical activity, there is always the potential for injury. At Rise MMA we take the utmost care to ensure that any injuries are kept to a minimum. We love training in Martial Arts and there is nothing worse than having to sit on the sidelines unable to train due to injury. We take great care to make sure that we all remain fit and healthy so we can keep training.

What will I need to bring to my first class?

Just bring a water bottle, a towel and a positive attitude.




6 Blackwood Drive
Altona North, VIC, Australia

(03) 9369 2662


6 Blackwood Drive
Altona North, VIC, Australia